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Welcome to our Greater Boston-area Schools

New England Bartending Schools operate 3 state-licensed bartending schools in the greater Boston area!

New England Bartending Schools

Our PBSA Exclusive Coupon is Valid at;

Boston - 142 Berkeley
Tewksbury - 885 Main St.
Worcester 332 Main ST.

You Must Call Us At:

1 888 4 DRINKS

Director: Michael Perusse
Enrollment: Jeni Cummings

Take advantage of our $50.00 off of your tution coupon by callling us at 1 888 4 DRINKS. Not available by email - you must call!

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About This Offer:

New England Bartending Schools
have three bartending schools in the greater Boston area. We have locations North of Boston in Tewksbury, downtown Boston in the Pledge of Allegiance Building and our newest location southwest of Boston in Worcester. All of our schools are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Education - Proprietary Schools.

The Massachusetts Department of education allows us to offer a coupon to reduce our tution so long as that discount is available to the public. Anyone who sees this coupon may ask for the PBSA $50.00 off coupon discount and we will reduce your tuition by $50.00

This coupon offer is only available on the PBSA website and you must call the school and ask for this discount to receive it. This discount is only appliclable to those who call the school. It is not available by email request. This coupon discount expires when it is removed from this website. Anyone who has been granted this discount at that time by our school will still receive the discount for their agreed upon class date.

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Call our greater Boston schools at 1 888 4 DRINKS and ask about this limited time offer!

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