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BarSim (tm) is the most interactive, cutting edge Bartendng and Drink Recipe software available. Whether you already are a bartender, wanting to become one, or simply want to improve your cocktail & bartending knowledge for your next party, BarSim (tm) is what you've been looking for. The PBSA BarSim (tm) has bees custom-written to match our textbook and curriculum.

This custom program is only available from your local PBS school or website. You cannot purchase our version from any store or online reseller. BarSim
is used in nearly 50 Bartending Schools across the US and Canada to help future and current bartenders learn core bartending basics and memorize drink recipes. And best of all, it's entertaining & FUN!! BarSim has already helped over 20,000 bartenders, what are you waiting for?

BarSim (tm) recreates the entire drink making process in a fun, interactive and educational Bartending Simulation. Pour, Blend, Shake and Garnish with the only Bartender Software that allows you to realistically simulate making 125 of the most up to date drink recipes while you learn liquor knowledge, interesting facts, proper technique and fun bar tricks. Plus, browse, print and organize mixed drink recipes with the built in recipe editor that ties into gameplay!
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Key Program Features

  1. Extremely fun and easy way to learn drink recipes & practice your technique. With BarSim(tm) Bartending Software you receive instant and detailed feedback on every drink you make. Memorizing drink recipes has never been easier!
  2. Choose either the challenging Gameplay Mode or the Practice Mode where you choose the drinks you practice.
  3. Bonus trivia, interesting facts and fun tricks.
  4. Integrated Recipe Database Mode allows you to browse, add, modify and print recipes used in BarSim.
  5. Instant, detailed feedback on every drink you make - You know exactly how you screwed the drink up!
  6. Over 125 of the most frequently ordered and most popular drink recipes. Updated monthly so BarSim (tm) only contains useful and relevant drink recipes.