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BarSim - Purchase Online or Download a 3 Day Trial Version Below

Actual BarSim CD Scanned (purple glow added)

Click on the image below to download our 3-day trial version of BarSim

Download a working 3-Day Demo of the PBSA BarSim Game! You may purchase the unlock code later if you choose!

This is a large file (32mb) and will take time to download. A broadband connection is ideal for this.

When prompted, choose save to your computer and then follow directions on your screen or double click the program.

It is an .exe file and windows may warn you that it is installing a program. Click okay and have fun!

Purchase a registration code to make the download trail version a full working copy! Purchase the CD version of the PBSA BarSim Interactive Bartending Game!
If your local PBSA school does not stock the PBSA customized BarSim Interactive game, you have 3 methods to get the program on this website.
  1. Download a 3-day version for free by clicking the Demo Download graphic above.
  2. Purchase a Registration (Unlock) Code for $14.95. This converts the download version above into a full working version (without a CD backup).
  3. Purchase the full version on CD above for $24.95. This gives you a CD backup of the program.

Both purchase options use any major credit card or PayPal account.

After purchasing the download, it will run for three days without registering it with the unlock code. As soon as you purchase the unlock code for $14.95, you will be re-directed to our registartion page at Once you register your copy, you will receive the unlock code within 24 hours. You may email us if you have any problems at:

After purchaing the CD verion, we will send it to you by usmail the very next day, in a bubble wrap protective envelope. All CD's come with a 100% warranty against damage by mail. You may phone or email us right away if you receive a damaged item and it will be replaced with a new CD at no charge to you.

The download version is a 32 MB file and will take some time to download. The game will work just like the full version with the exception of the soundtrack.

The download version runs for a 3 day period and stops working. You may purchase the unlock code that converts the program into a full working version by clicking on the buy now button above. You may also order the CD version to have a permanent backup copy.

Please remember that this is a customized program that matches the PBSA textbook and recipes. You may purchase a generic version at other online sites, but you may only purchase the custom PBSA program at a PBSA campus or online at this website.

The program comes with full time support if it should ever be needed.

You may call us tollfree at 1-877-541-3555 or email us at for barsim questions.

See actual screenshots of the PBSA Interactive Bartending Game!

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