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August 20, 2007

Did You Know? Anheuser-Busch

This is the second of a series of "Did You Know?". This will be information about the world of spirits. I will be featuring a different spirit in each "Did You Know" blog.

Did You Know? Anheuser-Busch

Beer is a food product and does have a shelf life. Anheuser Busch Beers packaged in bottles and cans has a shelf life of 110 days from the born on date printed on each can and bottle of Anheuser Busch beers. Draft beer from Anheuser Busch is 50 days from the born on date.

Can & Bottled beer is pasturized. Draft Beer is not, so draft must be kept cold at all times.

Foam head is a good thing. Beer poured down the side of the glass eliminating the foam head will make the beer look flat and unappealing. It will make the beer taste gassy and will fill you up faster.

A half-barrel of beer holds 15.5 gallons and yields 154 servings. Drawing a beer down the side of the glass eliminating the foam head only will serve about 124 servings. That is a large loss in servings and profits as well.

For more facts about Anheuser Busch products you can check out their many websites!

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