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Frequently Asked Questions About our Bartending School

Learn behind an actual bar from our qualified instructors at the Professional Bartenders School in Tewksbury.

Professional Bartenders School of New England has been training professional bartenders from our Tewksbury location since 1989!

What qualifications do I need in order to bartend?

Serve Safe Alcohol Certification - Sponsored by the National Restaurant Association, Serve Safe certification is valid for three years. We certify during each course so you will not need to come back for a special class. In Massachusetts it is mandatory in almost every city and town that an alcohol certification is required. You will receive a laminated alcohol liability ID card. * This certification is now MANDATORY and is the law almost everywhere. We don't teach CPR because it is not required and it would reduce necessary bartending training.

A Bartending Diploma or Certificate

You will receive a state-approved diploma from our school that is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Education and has been under the same ownership for more than 15 years, along with a letter of recommendation that denotes the complete 32 hour approved bartending program. This diploma clearly denotes your job qualifications.

PBSA Certification - This certification card is issued to graduates who successfully complete New England Bartending School's approved 32 hour bartending training course. Our schools are PBSA approved and our graduates receive PBSA certification. This certification entitles our graduates to placement assistance at any of the 80 cities in which PBSA has contracts. This certification is registered with the organization and is valid for life. Graduates can get re-trained and placed in any PBSA city.

How does your job assistance work?

Our 32 hour proven program qualifies our graduates to work anywhere. Immediately after graduation, we provide each graduate with an ample number of job openings that suits their individual needs. We have hundreds of industry contacts that call us when they need bartenders. Each week, managers from well-known establishments post jobs. Some only hire their bartenders through our placement service. The Green Street Grill in Cambridge for example hire only bartenders that have been through our training program.

In addition to our contacts, we offer on-line job placement assistance to all graduates immediately upon graduation. Graduates may report to the job placement office for one-on-one assistance or go on-line to our job database with an approved username and password. Each school is responsible for entering current jobs daily. The data base is updated as existing ones are filled. Graduates may check our local jobs whenever they want from any computer on-line. This PBSA program was designed by our Boston owner and is one of our most important parts of our graduate services. Students often rave about the convenience and time savings.

What about your school's reputation?

We've been licensed the longest in Boston under the same ownership and under the same management for more than 15 years. Our schools are corporately owned and not part of a franchise. This may contribute to our success and the quality of our operations. Our company has led the way innovating many important programs and is part-of the largest group of state-licensed bartending schools that adhere to the highest standards in the industry today. We've been named best school by Professional Bartending Schools of America 6 years in a row and we are recognized by Harvard College for the quality of our education.

We teach workshops each year for: Harvard, Bentley, Champlain College and the Center of Technology Institute in Vermont. In 1996 we were the first bartending school in the country to host a website and also the first to devised a laminated drink that has evolved as one the nation's most popular and used in thousands of beverage pouring establishments around the world.

Why is important for me to visit any bartending school before enrolling?

If you are not familiar with a program or a school you should visit. Professional training at a licensed bartending school is the right way to get started in a bartending career. You want to learn everything you can the professional way and be certified & qualified for the better bartending jobs. The best way for potential bartenders to choose the right program is to visit the training facility. This is the best way to make an informed and educated decision and evaluate everything that is offered. The goal of our program is to qualify our graduates to work in the better bartending jobs which why we do not teach in less time.

Do you accept personal checks

YES! The Professional Bartenders School of New England will gladly accept your personal check and we also accept all major credit cards.

What should I look at when comparing bartending schools?

- Validate affiliations and references by reading them.

- Count the number of training hours you'll get with your tuition.

- Meet the people that will train you and help you get a bartending job.

- See how the placement assistance program works.

- Read past graduate opinion surveys & see the standards of the entire operation.

- Investigate the business record.

- Evaluate all the educational materials that are included with the tuition fee.

- See & inspect the quality of the training equipment.

- Do they accept personal checks and credit cards, or are they a "cash-only" type of operation?

- This website posts many detailed photos of our facilities and referral letters. Do they?

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