The Orlando, Florida Bartending School

Bartending is a fun and flexible career. Work full or part-time.

Have FUN and meet people as a professional bartender!

Why be a Bartender?

Bars are almost always busy. People enjoy the bar atmosphere when they are celebrating good times, or to lift their spirits during the bad times. Bartending may very well be the recession-proof career of recent years. Bartending offers flexible scheduling, job security, and a fun atmosphere to work in.

Bartending allows people the freedom to choose a working environment that matches their personality. A good bartender can work anywhere in the country, or in the world. Some bartenders prefer the hotel or country club environment; others want to work in their friendly neighborhood pub, and some just have to work in one the trendiest nightclubs.

In order to obtain a good paying bartending job, you either need the experience or professional training. If you are bored with the boardroom, or tired of a low paying, dead end job, or just want to meet people and have fun, try bartending school!

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