Little Rock Bartending School - Placement

Our Little Rock, Arkansas bartending school serves all of Arkansas.
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Local Job Placement Assistance

Our school director will meet with each student to offer advice and to review current job openings.

Our Bartending School has job placement services available in over 37  PBSA locations accross the United States.

Local Job Placement Program:

Upon successful completion of the course, the Bartending School will assist all qualified graduates in locating employment at no extra cost to the graduate.

Our director is responsible for maintaing a current list of bartending jobs for our students. Bar owners and managers regularly call our school when they have an opening for a bartender.

In addition, our staff makes regular calls to bars and restaurants to help them meet their staffing needs. Our services are free to bars and restaurants, and we work very hard to help them meet their staffing goals.

Currently, we have placed our students at over 900 locations around Arkansas and the United States. These locations include; hotels, restaurants, resorts, nightclubs, country clubs, casinos and cruise ship lines.

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